We support your organization with successful and on target delivery of complex multi-disciplinary projects

This starts with jointly defining a sharp AIM, developing a good project plan with clear milestones, and above all composing the right team to ensure successful project delivery.

Let us assist you through the complete business cycle!

Every phase in a company’s business cycle has its own challenges. With AIM projects you will manage them successfully.

We support you in the developing phase with a concise and sharp plan with clear scope and milestones, adequate budget by proper cost engineering, insight in risks and team build up. We arrange financing, permits/subsidies, conceptual and basic design, binding offers and prepare the final investment decision.

After final investment decision is arranged, we support you to deliver the project safely, within limited time and budget and according specification. In this execution phase we procure the contractors and start detailed design, set up the execution team including HSE management, engineering, site and construction management, expediting and quality management. And for later in this stage building the commissioning team and successfully handing over the project to the organization. We manage all these stages for you.

The project has been delivered successfully and the organization has taken over. After a certain time potential for improvement is spotted: business processes, teams and the technical processes can be optimized or even expanded. We can step in to organize this and more importantly we help you to get the team along with the change.

The project performed as desired, but now the time comes for an exit, how to tackle this? Create value by for example a take-over or merger; or is liquidation the only solution? Maybe the rest value can be utilized for a restart. We can support you in assessing the possibilities and the following execution and start the cycle anew.


AIM projects is active in a broad range of sectors; we bring this knowledge and expertise to your company.

A strong network

When you choose for AIM projects you tap into a rich network of enthusiastic professionals who support you in successful execution of your projects, across all required disciplines.

We worked with

We had the privilege to work for and with a broad variety of companies, in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, energy and resources across Europe and the US.

Our values

AIM projects works with a team of professionals who all embrace the following core values.
  • we love challenges
  • we don’t see obstacles
  • we have a can do mentality
  • we are enthusiastic about the capabilities of the people we work with & the technologies of our clients
  • we celebrate successes with the team, contractors & organizations we work with
  • we are supportive and we challenge people to take on new responsibilities
  • we are transparent and fair within the team and towards clients, contractors & steering committees
  • we foster an open learning culture to improve our daily performance
  • we take the time to share our expertise to develop and grow the people around us
  • we take a realistic view on what’s achievable and communicate accordingly
  • we assess the risks within a project and clearly communicate effects on safety, schedule, quality and budget
  • we foster forward thinking to enable us to be ready to manage the challenges ahead and timely develop back-up strategies


Daniel Lauwen works as an independent project director; he is a well-respected people manager that leads teams through transformations.
With 15+ years experience in business development and project development and execution of complex multi-disciplinary projects he knows the tricks of the trade.
He drives organizations forward with positive energy, builds trust and sustainable partnerships.
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